Matthew McCormick, newly appointed Principal of Cromwell Primary School. Photo supplied

Matthew McCormick is enjoying settling into his new role as the Principal of Cromwell Primary School and getting to know each of the staff members in readiness for the students’ return this week.

“I’m a big believer in establishing relationships from the start,” he says.

Matthew has come to Cromwell from St Clair Primary School, Dunedin, where he held the Deputy Principal position.

Matt was born and educated in Dunedin and studied Education at the University of Otago. He went on to spend 10 years at Musselborough Primary School, with a year at Opoho School.

He hopes to build on the impressive culture of the school, saying,

“The school has a well-informed, passionate, dedicated staff, and I see my job as providing the leadership to foster this.”

There are a number of projects he wishes to focus on – particularly in visual technology, innovation and property.

Matt says he absolutely loves sport, cultural activities, Polyfest, Jump Jam and stage performance as providing opportunities for students to grow in confidence and thrive.

“It’s a really exciting time, with lots of work coming to fruition,” he says, and he is particularly impressed with the multi-purpose hall, which he believes will be a great hub for the community.

Matt and his wife Sophie, who is also a teacher, have particularly wanted a chance to settle in Central Otago, and already have land at Pisa Moorings.

For Matt, his sporting passions are rugby and athletics, and he hopes to give to the community through these sports – after he has a chance to catch his breath. Meanwhile, he is looking forward to membership of the Cromwell Golf Club.

“In essence,” says Matt, “I will be working to make Cromwell Primary School the best, most supportive and positive school it can be.”

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