Fire Damage
Cromwell Community House team Beth Wood, manager Karen Palmer and chairperson Leigh-Anne Fox  inspect the damage caused by a fire in the alleyway behind the building last Wednesday morning. Photo Supplied

Damage caused to the Cromwell Community House last Wednesday during a fire in  the early hours of the morning have left staff unable to continue working from the building on Murray Terrace and having to make other arrangements to service the community.

Manager Karen Palmer is frustrated that a fire that seems to have started in the alleyway behind the building has made its way inside the building causing damage to one of the rooms.

“The fire damage means we need to have repairs done, which should only take a few days but is still disruptive to our clients and those who regularly use the room to provide  their services.

“We are still able to care for the community and do what we do, it’s just a matter of re-arranging alot of our own work to ensure everybodies needs are met.

“I guess one of the saddest parts of this story is the fact that our community pantry which has been given to us by local school children from Cromwell Primary School in 2019 and has only just been refurbished with the help of volunteers from the Cromwell MENZ shed has been damaged.

“These kids took time from their school holiday to help,” she explains

Trustees of the community house are pleased to be having the fire investigated, but bemused as to why anyone would want to intentionally cause damage to a building that is here to support everyone.

“Our staff are now working from other places to ensure the services provided can continue until work has been completed and they are able to return to the building.

Karen and Beth do great work in the centre and now having the added pressure of unscheduled renovations is adding to an already busy work schedule.

“This is the last thing the Cromwell community needs, Covid is starting to bite and there are people within the community that need the support from the community centre.

“Thankfully many of the volunteers and services that are offered are still available and restoring the building shouldn’t take too long, but still, this is an event that quite frankly, we could all do without,” says CCH Chairperson Leigh-Anne Fox.

If you need any information or help from the Cromwell Community Centre you can contact them  on 03 445 1690 or email

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