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The idea behind Cromwell Rotary and Lions clubs community fundraiser, Lot 47, came about by a desire to support those that are most vulnerable in our community due to illness or accident.

The profit was tagged to help St John fund their shortfall on their new station build costs so St John could continue its great work of support our communities vulnerable.

Due to the amazing support from the community the profit raised of $824,436.88 far exceed expectations.

Applications are open for anyone (individual, sports group, local business, or community group) to apply for funding for any health-rated course.

For example, St John run First Aid courses which could include First Aid Level 1, 2 or a Refresher, Mental Health First Aid, Child First Aid or Basis Life Support.

However, any course can be funded not just St John First Aid courses.

By as many people in our community knowing some first aid or other skills they may also be able to support those that are vulnerable in our community. 

Applications are also welcome for other health related items.  For example: you may have an AED in your area. Does anyone know how to use it or maintain it?

Do you need funding to train locals on how to use the AED or maintain the AED? Apply today.

Submit the name of participant(s); details of the course, including evidence of registration and the cost of the course to

Details can be found at:

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