The Story of Easter
One of the Easter displays in the grounds of the Presbyterian Church. Photo Jan Hawkins

Christine Hansen had an idea. She wanted Cromwell’s Presbyterian Church to highlight to the local community the true meaning of Easter, from a Christian point of view.

She felt that for some people, the meaning has been lost, and it has become just another long weekend.

Christine put the idea to church member Steve Phipps, who was keen.  From there, other people kept joining the team.  Les Dick brought in poles from his farm. Alan Buxton created a sculpture of Roman Soldiers. A donkey and a cross appeared.

As Jaimie Phipps says, “It was a real group effort from church members”

Jaimie created a graphic novel window display in the Bannockburn Room of the complex, facing out to a courtyard.

“This is the first year we have tried this,” she says, “so we kept it simple.  Next year, we’d like to see it grow, with some inside displays and developments, but for now it is all outside in the church grounds, for the whole of the Easter holiday period. We wanted families and individuals to feel welcome, and comfortable just walking around and viewing the various display stations.”

The interactive part of the display is that each station has a multi-lingual QR code.  Children can view the displays and get a little extra information, in any of about 20 languages, by uploading the codes.  They can also obtain colouring-in sheets.

It is a safe, outdoor, family-friendly activity, so show your appreciation for the group’s efforts by checking it out sometime over the Easter period.

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